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New and Improved Products

PT Games is in the process of updating our fantasy gaming product line. We will be re-releasing our introductory adventures, Ruined Keep and Goblin Cave, under our new OGL-based system, as well as expanding the Continent of Terra™ and Dark Continent™ settings with more adventures and sourcebooks. Keep checking back here for updates!


* From Wyrdmaster's review of Ruined Keep at GameWyrd:

"Ruined Keep just about holds it own and PT Games, Inc seems like a company to keep an eye on."

Read the full review here.

* From Butch Curry's review of Goblin Cave at GamingReport:

"Designed for beginning characters, Goblin Cave is even better suited for beginning DMs as a guide on how to create a dungeon."

"The module itself is well written, clear, easy to follow, well laid out, and overall professional in quality."

Read the full review here.

The Terra Campaign™

The world in which our products are set, Terra, is unique in that it is a "philosophy-based" campaign, where characters' personal beliefs about how to live their lives take the place of the "usual" mechanics of religion and worship of gods. You can read more about our world and its specific campaign settings on our site here.

About PT Games

PT Games is a fantasy gaming company dedicated to providing you with material for the OGL 3.5 system. Our products are described here.

PT Games was started by Peter Donis and Tim Plum, two long-time D&D players. You can find out more about us here.